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Sticky Kicks!


The Sticky Kicks Team is comprised of Hardcore R/C Racing addicts looking to bring you the ultimate in tire traction for all types of R/C Racing.


Although our roots are in Electric Off-Road, Sticky Kicks has been proven to provide Insane Traction for all facets of Model Car Racing including Electric and Nitro On-Road and Electric and Nitro Off-Road!


Sticky Kicks was born at OC/RC Raceway in Orange County, Ca

Us locals felt there had to be a better option to the harsh compounds that were available so we set out to formulate and develop a Superior Tire Sauce without the nasty fumes and the excessive tire wear. The result of our hardwork and development is Sticky Kicks R/C Tire Conditioner and Traction Sauce.


Sticky Kicks is now available in 6 formulas in order from most aggressive to lowest:


YELLOW (Highest bite, Extra Aggressive, best on clay surfaces)


PINK v2 (Higher bite then Blue, Super Aggressive, best on rubber and foam)


BLUE (High Bite, Aggressive, best on clay surfaces)


RED (High Bite, rubber and foam, oval guys dig it, multi-use)


WHITE (Medium Bite, rubber and foam, multi-use)


GREEN (Medium Bite, Multi Use, The Original, popular on Slicks these days)


Although the formulas are quite different, we have received incredible feedback from local drivers including Pros who have used Sticky Kicks on a multitude of racing surfaces and track conditions from Wet Clay to Dry Blue Groove, Carpet and Asphalt R/C Tracks.


Why not try em' all today and see which formula suits your driving style the best.




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Get ready to OWN the competition!

-Sticky Kicks R&D Team

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